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Where does our produce come from:

We purchase local whenever possible. It is important for us to support local organic and no spray farming and we will continue to forge lasting relationships with farmers in our local communities. We do deliver year-round so when the growing season is over here in Montana we work with a small supplier who works closely with organic farms in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. We occasionally throw in a tropical fruit for variety which obviously comes from a warmer climate than we experience.

How Big Sky Family Foods works:

Many of our members are working toward achieving and maintaining better health. We are here to help. Fresh food is ordered and delivered to our customers doorsteps every other week. When properly stored, much of the food lasts well into the second week and in many cases, beyond two weeks.

Every two weeks we will bring a variety of produce in a reusable plastic tub. We leave this tub with you and swap it out on the next delivery. When you fill our our easy online order form you will be set up on automatic recurring payment. Your payment will be processed the Friday before each delivery.

I’ve Seen Other Groups Like Yours:

Big Sky Family Foods is the only organic produce and dry goods delivery service in the Missoula and Bitterroot valley. Other groups require you to volunteer to divide or drive to a pick up location at a designated time in order to receive your vegetables. We want to save you time and money that is why we offer members a mixed produce variety basket delivered right to your doorstep. We buy from organic and local suppliers. We work to provide you with the finest and most interesting variety of produce available. We work constantly to refine and improve our service and we welcome your suggestions.

How Much Food Is It?

The amount of food in each delivery varies between 20-30 pounds in our Harvest Share and 15-20 pounds in the Garden Share. The variance in weight is due to different fruits and vegetables weighing differently. For example the weight of lettuce or broccoli is much different than potatoes or melons. The amounts of any one item is generally reasonable — one or two heads of lettuce, 2 pounds of apples or bananas, etc.

What Happens If I’ll Be Away On A Delivery Day?

If you will be out of town on delivery day we require a minimum of a week's notice. If it is less than a week you may be charged for that delivery. All orders are prepaid so if you notify us of your absence your credit will be applied to the next cycle.

How Do I order?

We suggest you start by making a 6 week commitment (3 order cycles). Only a suggestion. This gives you a chance to decide if you really like the process and the products.

Please choose GARDEN SHARE or HARVEST SHARE and click on the order now button. On the next screen choose "click to pay here". Your order will be captured by our secure processing service and you will be set up on automatic payments. Your tub fee will be charged before your second delivery.

What If I Don’t Like It?

We recommend that you try three deliveries before deciding. You may stop delivery by giving at least two weeks’ notice. You may rejoin whenever you would like by giving at least a weeks notice. There will not be any refunds and all bins will remain the property of Big Sky Family Foods.

Do I have to be a produce customer to order dry goods?

No! Anyone can order dry goods and still receive free delivery right to their doorstep. Just visit our convenient SHOPPING CART and place your order online. Once we receive your order and payment we will place your order and send you a confirmation email as to when your order will be delivered.

What do the Shares look like?

The Garden Share comes in a 10 gallon tub and the Harvest Share comes in an 14 gallon tub.

$35.00 for the Garden Share
Feeds 2-4 people

$50 for the Harvest Share
Feeds 4-6 People
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