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Yes!! Absolutely!

Only a few short years ago we would have said no. We simply had not had the opportunity to be educated on the subject. We thought: organic is more expensive and how much better can it really be anyway? What our family has discovered is that our opinion was a result of being uninformed. As we journey along the path of discovering Organic Produce, we have been simply amazed. Amazed at just how good organic produce really is. Even setting aside all of the health reasons for eating organic we cannot believe the FLAVOR difference. Organic fruit not only LOOKS BETTER it also TASTES BETTER. The colors are more vibrant and the taste is amazing.

So what about the health benefits?

Some of them are obvious – to be organic there cannot be any pesticides used. It is a fact that the pesticides used on fruits and vegetables while they are growing are transferred into what is eaten. Ingesting pesticides is not good for anyone. Pesticides are seen by the body as toxins that must be gotten rid of. We are much healthier simply by not introducing those toxins to our bodies in the first place.

GMO’s – Genetically Modified Organism

These have been talked about more and more recently. Are they a real threat? They certainly can be. Once again eating something that has been genetically modified means that it is no longer in the natural state it was intended to be consumed as. The scary thing is that many of our foods contain GMO’s and currently these foods are not required to label as such. The good thing about Organic…No GMO’s allowed.

Some of the benefits were not so obvious - did you know that Organic Produce is more nutrient dense? It’s true! So ounce for ounce nutrient wise Organics are a better value. Did you know Organic food has the potential to lower the occurrence of many illnesses including: autism, learning disorders, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, allergies, migraines and ADHD? [from organicconsumers.org]

Just take a look at these top 10 reasons to buy organic. Then give it a try! Like our family, we believe you will taste the difference and begin to see the many health benefits of eating Organic - not to mention the ease of it being delivered to your door!

10 Reasons to buy Organic
(adopted from an article from Organic Consumers Association written by Ronnie Cummins)

  1. Organic foods are produced without the use of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). Genetically engineered ingredients are now found in 75% of all non-organic US processed foods! (even those labeled “natural”)
  2. Organic foods are safe and pure. Organic farming prohibits the use of toxic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, nano-particles, and climate-destabilizing chemical fertilizers. Consumer Reports has found that 77% of non-organic produce items in the average supermarket contain pesticide residues.
  3. Organic foods and farming are climate-friendly.
  4. Organic food certification prohibits nuclear irradiation.
  5. The Centers for Disease Control have admitted that up to 76 million Americans suffer from food poisoning every year. Very few cases of food poisoning have ever been linked to organic farms or food processors.
  6. Organic farming categorically prohibits the use of sewage sludge.
  7. Animals on organic farms cannot be fed slaughterhouse waste, manure, or blood - daily rations on America's factory farms.
  8. Organic farming prohibits intensive confinement and mutilation (debeaking, cutting off tails, etc.) of farm animals
  9. Organic foods are nutritionally dense compared to foods produced with toxic chemicals, chemical fertilizers, and GMO seeds. Studies show that organic foods contain more vitamins, cancer-fighting anti-oxidants, and important trace minerals.
  10. Big Sky Family Foods delivers right to your door saving you time and money.


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